4 Tips for Car Winterization

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Winter Car Prep

Although Atlanta is known for it’s fairly warm climate, winter will still bring it’s fair share of cold days. Before the cold weather arrives, it is a good idea to conduct some simple winter car prep. The fall is the perfect time to implement these steps, before the busy holiday season is upon us. Check out these four easy tips for car winterization.

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1: Inspect Your Tires

As the temperatures begin to cool, it is a good idea to inspect your tire air pressure. As the weather becomes colder, your air pressure can decrease leading to lowered gas mileage. For every 10° Fahrenheit change in outdoor temperature, your tire pressure will generally change about 2%. The pressure rises in the summer and lowers in the winter.

Not only should you ensure your tires have the proper air pressure, you should also check the tread. When cold weather precipitation falls, it is important that your tread is up to the correct standard.

Car Battery

2: Check Your Battery

Your battery is a critical component of your car. And during a cold snap the last thing you want is a dead battery. Cold weather can be tough on your battery so check to see how old your vehicle’s battery is. Consider purchasing a new battery if you are due for a replacement.

If your battery is still in good condition, ensure all connections are tight. Also rid the battery of any build-up or corrosion. A clean connection will provide optimum performance.

3: Keep It Warm

Your heating system is extremely beneficial in the winter. Not only does it keep you warm, the defroster is also a critical safety component. Make sure your vents are operating properly and your defroster has good air flow.

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4: Tune It Up

Finally, if it has been a while since your vehicle has had a tune-up, take it in to a trusted mechanic for some TLC. A quick tune-up can save you from a costly and cold breakdown during the upcoming holiday season. Having routine maintenance performed, like replacing old spark plugs will ensure you are ready for the winter ahead.

We hope these four quick tips for car winterization will help you in the months ahead. We wish you safe and warm driving during the holiday season.

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