Save on Your Car with a Rebuilt Engine

American Engine Installation has been providing rebuilt engines as a cheaper alternative to buying new, and we can save you thousands when it comes time to replace.

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Engine Repair Service Specialists in the Atlanta, Ga Area

When it’s time to replace your engine, you should do more than just buy new. For over 15 years, American Engine Installation has provided Marietta and Atlanta, GA with rebuilt engines at affordable prices. Our customers save thousands by replacing their engines rather than taking on a new car payment when the rest of the vehicle has many years of life left. Call us today at (404) 289-9997!

  • Extended warranties available
  • Free $50 coupon good toward towing your car to our shop
  • High quality, reliable services
  • Unbeatable prices
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Give Your Car a New Lease on Life with Engine Repair Service

Now is the perfect time to consider engine replacement for your car. It’s a stress-free way to give your car a whole new lease on life, without taking on a new car payment when the rest of the vehicle still has many years of life left.


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Save Money and Get a Reliable Engine

With a rebuilt engine, you save thousands of dollars on new car payments and get the reliability of an original manufacturer’s engine. We install quality remanufactured engines for most makes and models.

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Expect Quality on Your Engine Replacement

Our guarantee ensures you a quality overhaul. We take care of your engine and fix any problems with it whether we installed it or not. Give us a call today at (404) 289-9997 to schedule an appointment!