Why Engine Replacement?

Why is engine replacement such a good deal? Having a new engine installed gives your vehicle a new lease on life that a comparable used car won’t. Even an affordable used car that sells for several thousand dollars has already seen years of wear and tear and tens of thousands of miles! The only way you can get a car with an engine that has no miles is to buy a brand-new car and be stuck with car payments for years to come. A remanufactured engine can cost as little as 10% of the cost of a new car!

Replace Your Engine, Not Your Car.

Did you know that the average cost of a new car is about 10 times the cost of an engine replacement? That’s right! Plus, the cost of full coverage insurance combined with your new car sales tax can typically exceed the cost of replacing your engine. And if that isn’t enough, the interest that you will pay on your new car over the next 5 years can alone exceed the cost of replacing your engine! That is why our customers save thousands by investing their money in engine replacement services instead of buying a new car.

Why a Rebuilt Engine?

The engines we install are factory rebuilt to ensure only the very best quality of workmanship. Your rebuilt engine will perform just like a new engine and last for years to come. Our team of professional engine installers is certified and highly experienced in the field. Our rebuilt engine company has replaced over 5,000 engines in the past 20 years. All we do is engines! While we do offer engine repair as one of our services, sometimes it makes more sense to replace than repair. When our customers come to us with an engine that has many miles and a blown head gasket, for example, it may not be worth it to repair. While we can do the repairs, we are upfront and will give you realistic advice as to repairing vs replacing your engine. It makes little sense to spend $1,000 to repair an old engine, only to have something else fail within months because the whole engine has seen better days. Why not spend a little more and replace the entire engine, thus guaranteeing you years of reliable service? So for the best-rebuilt engines, stop by or give us a call today!

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