How To Keep Your Car From Overheating This Summer

Here in Atlanta, even our winters are warm, so our summers are blistering. Keep your car from overheating and get to where you need to go with these 4 tips on how to keep you car from overheating this summer:

Don’t Let An Overheating Car Ruin Your Summer Plans. Call American Engine Installations For Repair

4 Ways To Keep Your Car Cool

Shade, Shade, Shade!

Using a sun visor to shade your windows from allowing the sun in can help to prevent that horrible seat belt or leather-seat-on-thigh burn. Parking under trees can help keep your metal car from frying like an egg.


Just like what the name suggests, this liquid is your car’s lifesaver during hot months as it literally cools down your hard working and overheating engine. Just be careful to never add coolant to a hot engine! Even if your coolant levels are fine, the reservoir still gets clogged and needs to be drained by a professional. American Engine Installations can assist you with that.

Clear Your Radiator

Being at the front of your car, the radiator takes a lot of damage, from wind to bugs to leaves that get stuck in the ducts and make air flow harder to get to your cooling system. Clear out the radiator to help your cooling system get fresh cold air.

Check Your Radiator Cap

Your radiator cap helps to keep your car’s liquids from overheating and boiling over. The cap can wear out over time, allowing liquids and gas to escape and making your car overheat. Wait until your radiator cap is completely cool before checking it to prevent burns!

To have your car inspected for any of these overheating issues in AtlantaMarietta and Atlanta, GA, contact American Engine Installations at (404) 920-4252