Is It Worth Buying a Used Engine?

used engine

Why Would a Car Need a New Engine?

For most people, used engine blocks aren’t even a remote thought in their minds, but for a mechanic, either professional or shade-tree-backyard mechanic, a used engine is a valuable resource. When working on an older car that needs a motor, often buying a used engine or rebuild engine is financially feasible versus buying a new motor, or crate engine industry lingo.

Most car owners will never have to replace the engine in their car with a new engine, rebuilt engine, or a used engine, it isn’t something that the average person even considers. However, that doesn’t mean they never will, and here are three reason that could cause that to happen:

  • A Cracked Block: When the block cracks, the engine done. What causes a block to crack? There are a few different reason, with the most common being the engine overheated. The engine block is made of metal and it can only sustain a certain level of heat. When it gets overheated and cracks, the engine loses power. In this case, there is no fixing the engine, your only option is to have a new or used engine installed.
  • High Mileage or Wear and Tear: As the miles increase on an engine, it will begin to wear and tear and no amount of routine maintenance will keep the engine and heat from creating friction. The cylinder rings wear down, oil starts leaking, and the gaskets will blow. This does damage to an engine, all inevitable part of a car’s life. Once the engine has reached that point of damage, it is done and either having it rebuilt or getting a used engine installation are the only options.
  • Collision: While the most common reason to have a used engine installed in a car, it isn’t out of the ordinary either. Collision such as a head-on wreck or where the front end of a car is damaged, such as hitting a tree, can cause the need to replace the current engine. This is typically done with a used engine, especially if the insurance is going to pay for the repair.

Is It Cheaper to Rebuild or Replace an Engine?

An engine rebuild is more likely tosave you money as opposed to an engine replacement, whether is a new engine or a used engine. However, the cost of parts and labor for both scenarios should be considered, and the advice of your mechanic will help make that decision. Aused engine with a warranty is going to be just as good as new engine, although not for as long of a warranty due to it being a used engine.

How Long Will a Used Engine Last?

Today, the engine in new cars is expected to last 100,000 miles or more when proper maintenance is given as recommended by the manufacturer. A used engine is different because it is used. How many miles are on the used engine will factor into the lifespan left, and how it is driven and maintained will determine the lifespan to. You could get another 100 miles from a used engine, or you may get 100,000 miles. It all depends on the quality of the used engine, how it driven, and the maintenance upkeep.

Does Replacing an Engine Reset Mileage?

In most cases, the odometer is not reset, in many states that is illegal. However, the mileage should be noted, and a record kept so that you know exactly how many mile you’ve driven on a used engine. It is important to keep track of that mileage for maintenance purpose as well, like oil changes and tire rotations.

replacing an engine devalue a car

Does Replacing an Engine Devalue a Car?

Replacing a damaged car engine will give the car an extension on life, but it is not going to decrease the value any more than it will increase the value. The only time replacing an engine in a car is in the world of antiques, hot rod, racing, and show cars.

Those are cars that will have a certain criteria to be met and sometimes, replacing the existing engine with a new or used engine is necessary. In those instances, it may decrease or increase the value, depending on the criteria being met.

No matter if the car is your daily driver or you have a hobby car as those we mentioned when a replacement engine is needed, always have an experienced professional mechanic do the install. A new engine, rebuilt engine, or a used engine should have the attention to detail that only a trained mechanic can provide. Always get a warranty for the engine, even a used engine should have some type of warranty, even it is nothing more than “guaranteed to drive off the property” type of warranty. Get started on your engine replacement today when you call (404) 920-4252!

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