Signs of a Bad Water Pump

The summer months in Atlanta can take a toll on your vehicle. Water pumps maintain the flow of coolant throughout the engine. When undamaged, water pumps help your vehicle stay at an operable temperature, despite the summer heat. A bad water pump causes temperature problems for your vehicle, and will require immediate assistance. American Engine Installations will diagnose your problem, and get your car up and running againCheck out these signs of a bad water pump:

Water Pump Image

Leaking Coolant

Worn out gaskets can cause water pumps to fail. In cases such as these, coolant will begin to leak on the front floor of your car. Leaks like this tend to get worse if unresolved, which makes having a trusted mechanic a priority for car owners. Call American Engine Installations to have your car inspected.

No Window Defog/Defrost

If your car’s interior gets too humid, it can fog up the windshield. If the defroster function does not work, it could be a sign of a bad heat pump. This is very dangerous, as the fog can cloud your visibility and make driving safely an impossibility. In situations like this, pull over and call a mechanic.

Overheated Engine

Nothing screams broken water pump more than engine overheating. The temperature gauge is designed to let you know if your vehicle is overheating, and that you require immediate repair. Driving with an overheated engine can be extremely dangerous, and is not recommended.

Strange Sounds

If you notice a high pitched sound while driving, you might have a bad water pump. This sound is likely originating from the motor, and indicates a loose pulley and a deteriorating pump. If the sound becomes more pronounced when your car accelerates, a mechanic should be contacted immediately. Call 404-920-4252 for water pump repair in Atlanta, GA. 

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