The Importance of Oil Changes

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Most car owners have been cautioned to change their oil every three to five thousand miles. And most mechanics even provide a handy sticker for your car window to remind you of the pending oil change ahead. But have you ever stopped to consider why oil changes are important? In case you have ever doubted the necessity of an oil change for your car, the following reasons should convince you of the importance of oil changes.

Motor Oil’s Tasks

1. Lubrication. Your motor oil in your car handles more tasks for your engine than any other component, fluid or material. One of the major tasks of motor oil is protecting the engine by lubricating the moving parts.

2. Cool Critical Engine Parts. Your oil is what transfers heat away from your engine parts.This keeps your entire engine cooler and increases the lifespan of your motor.

3. Keeping Internal Parts Clean. The motor oil in your car is responsible for keeping the interior components of your engine clean and free from harmful deposits. The fact that your oil is what is keeping those components clean means your oil itself needs to maintain a clean level itself.

4. Gas Mileage Increase. Because clean oil is slick it allows for the free movement of your engine parts. Old oil becomes gummy and causes your engine to work harder to perform. When your engine is strained it has to burn more fuel to operate. So if you have proper oil changes performed you will boost your gas mileage.

Remember, no matter how high quality your oil is, it will eventually deteriorate and stop performing the aforementioned tasks effectively. Be sure you change your oil frequently to prevent sludge and deposit build up. And remember, if you are currently operating a vehicle with an older engine that has not been maintained properly and is in need of repairs, we will be happy to give you advice and assistance at American Engine Installations

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