3 Dangerous Driving Situations to Avoid

Driving is a very dangerous activity, despite how common it is. Because so many people drive, and because it is such a necessity, people often forget just how dangerous driving can be. Today we will discuss 3 dangerous driving situations to avoid, and to watch out for on the road. As always, remember that no matter how great you think you might be at driving, it is essential to always drive defensively in case other drivers are distracted or worse!

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Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is widely regarded as very dangerous, yet it continues to happen on a daily basis. And while many people think the problem is only at night, studies show that drunk drivers can be found on the road at any time of day. Statistics also show that someone is killed in a drunk driving accident every 53 minutes, which gives every driver on the road a 2 in 3 change of being involved in a wreck. Simply put, watch out for drunk drivers, and never drink and drive yourself!

Tired Driving

Tired driving is another driving situation to avoid. Tired driving accounts for the majority of 18 wheeler accidents, and is responsible for thousands of deaths each year. In fact some studies have shown that tired driving can be more dangerous than “tipsy” driving!

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving can come in many forms, including reading at stoplights, rubber necking, and of course, texting. Texting while driving has been made illegal in many cities because it has become such a huge source of distracted driving. Remember that when you are driving, you have your life, as well as the lives of other people in your hands. Focus on the road, your distractions can wait until you reach your destination. If that text message just can’t wait for any reason, pull over into a parking lot and answer when the car is in park.

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