3 Things to Do When Your Car Engine Freezes

If your car suddenly stops working in the winter, there’s a good chance the engine froze. Naturally, we want to continue driving to warm up the engine, but that is actually worse for the engine. If your car’s engine freezes, there are things you can do. Here are three things to do when your car engine freezes.

Car and snow

Running Your Car Can Make the Engine Freeze Worse

It is imperative to not turn the car on. Park it and stop your car. The reason is that engine could overheat. Park in a warm place and leave the car alone. If you want the process to move a little faster you can add a small space heater next to the car.

Let the Frozen Engine Thaw

Once you have left the car in a warm place, let the engine thaw out. It could take a couple of days for it to thaw out, so don’t it on and try to drive it is crucial. It’s inconvenient but it will save you unnecessary damage and money.

Put in the Antifreeze

One of the reasons our car’s engine freezes is because the coolant hasn’t been replaced. Once you know your engine is unfrozen, drain the old coolant and put in new antifreeze.

After everything is said and done, you will never want a frozen engine again. There are a few ways you can winterize your car. If you are needing winter maintenance or repairs, 404-920-4252 for the experts at American Engine Installations. Our Marietta, GA. technicians will have your car fixed up in no time.

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