4 Signs Your Vehicle Has Engine Trouble

Our engines are one of the most vital parts of our car. If the engine isn’t working, then the car won’t work. Because it is important to have our engines in good condition, there are a couple of signs that will let you know when you are having engine trouble. Here are four signs your car has engine trouble.

Man repairing car


If you hear a knocking sound when you accelerate your car, then that is a common sign you have engine trouble. If it isn’t taken care of right away, it can lead to other car problems.

Engine Light

The check engine light is there for a reason; whenever the engine light comes on, it’s to let a car owner know that they have some issues with their engine.

More Gasoline Than Usual

Usually, we have a rough estimate of how often we have to put gas in our cares. If you start to notice that you are filling up your tank more frequently, it might be a sign that the engine is having to work harder, in turn using more gas.

Too Much Tailpipe Smoke

It’s normal for the tailpipe of your car to smoke a little bit, but if you are noticing it even when you are driving, you’ll need to get that fixed quickly. Unusual smoke is a sure sign you are having some engine troubles.

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