Making the Most of Your Gas Mileage

cars in traffic on highway

With gas prices as high as they are, drivers are taking advantage of any way to save gas they can. Simple upkeep and maintenance on your car will not only help keep you safe, but can also help improve your gas mileage. Here we have compiled some tips to help you be sure you are getting the best mileage you can.

Keeping up Efficiency

  1. Drive more calmly. Rapid acceleration and frequent braking uses extra gas and decreases your miles per gallon. While this may be a hard rule for some drivers to follow, driving calmly and not always passing other cars saves gas and is safer for you and other drivers.
  2. Check your tire pressure monthly. Inflating your tires to the recommended pressure extends the life of your tires and helps maintain your fuel efficiency.
  3. Avoid using “roof racks” or “sky boxes.” These attachments to the roof of your car affect your car’s aerodynamics and decreases fuel efficiency at high speeds.
  4. Follow the posted speed limit. As most cars reach optimal efficiency between 45 and 60 mph, following the speed limit or driving a few mph under can drastically improve your mileage. For every 5 mph above 50 mph, you pay an approximate $.19 extra per gallon of gas.

Regular maintenance and tune ups can help keep your mileage in check and your car in great shape. For tune ups, repairs, and more, call us at (404) 381-8940!

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