Should You Remanufacture or Rebuild Your Car Engine?

Have you ever heard the terms rebuilt, remanufactured, or remodeled when it came to car engines? Do you know what each one means? They all sound the same, but do vastly different stuff that significantly changes the prices for each service. Below is a brief breakdown of the three:

What Is The Difference Between Engine Remanufacturing, Rebuilding, and Remodeling?

Car Engine Close Up

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  • Rebuilt motors work similar to regular repairs and replacements. Instead of using new replacement parts, used parts are interchanged instead to save the customer money. There is slight risk with rebuilt parts because all used parts have been worn to some degree in order to be classified as “used.” While they are certified safe to be reused in other cars, premature failure and additional repairs may crop up sooner than expected.
  • The engine remanufacturing process is the engine rebuilding process times ten. Instead of rebuilding one part, the entire product has been rebuilt, and thus remanufactured to be resold again. The engine meets or exceeds safety, durability, and quality tests and oftentimes, remanufactured parts carry longer and stronger warranties.
  • Remodeling is often interchangeable with restoration. You will see this more with older classic cars, where everything from the engine to the lining in the truck has to be restored.

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