Signs Your Car Needs AC Repair

As the temperatures continue to rise throughout the summer, your car’s air conditioning becomes more important than ever. No one wants to ride in discomfort, and most people consider AC a necessity for a vehicle. If your air conditioner has a problem, you’ll need to get fast repairs to prevent its total failure. Stay aware of the following signs, and call a trusted mechanic should you need AC repair.

checking the air from air ventilation in the car

Hot Air

A lack of refrigerant could result in an AC that no longer produces cool air. As if to add insult to injury, you’ll be confronted only with hot air until you have this issue fixed. If you ever turn on your AC and are greeted with a blast of warm or hot air, you definitely need service. If refrigerant is indeed the problem, you’ll need a professional to handle this dangerous substance.

Lack of Air

The only thing worse than warm air is no air at all. An air conditioner that produces nothing when you hit the switch will obviously need repair. You could either have a faulty blower fan, flawed controls, or a system that has totally failed.

Odd Sounds or Smells

Bad smells from your air conditioning vents could indicate a couple of issues. A sweet smell represents a problem with your refrigerant, likely a leak. This necessitates immediate repair, as refrigerant leaks will hamper the overall operation of your system. Refrigerant is also a hazardous chemical, and a leak can present a danger to both you and any pets you have. As for unsettling sounds, any sort of banging could showcase a problem with condenser. A serious issue, condenser problems necessitate the immediate intervention of a professional for AC repair.

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