What Is Motor Overhaul?

Motor Overhaul

Renewing Your Car’s Motor

What is the purpose of engine overhauling? Every year, thousands of Americans hire mechanics to do overhaul motor work on cars, boats, trucks, and other vehicles. Their goal is to get more years out of the motor and avoid having to pay for a replacement. Is this always a good option though? Well, that depends on what condition your engine is in and what you need it for. Under the best circumstances, a motor overhaul will add more years to an old engine and improve performance. That requires a professional mechanic who is familiar with the type of engine and can do it at a price that makes sense. Let’s explore overhaul motor work and try to briefly explain what motor overhaul involves.

What Is the Purpose of Engine Overhauling?

Anything mechanical in nature has an approximate shelf-life. Depending on how much wear and tear it goes through, an engine can last for years to decades. Eventually, though, parts break down and you’ll start running into problems. For most car owners, you’ve likely experienced some form of engine breakdown. Whether it’s getting stranded on the side of the road or not being able to get to work, an engine failure can be a huge frustration.
Motor repair overhaul involves taking apart your engine and replacing any faulty or old components. While it’s not the same as getting a new engine, overhaul motor work can extend the lifespan of your engine and save you money.

How Do You Know if You Need an Engine Overhaul?

What are the signs of a bad engine? There are things you can look for before a total engine failure that can let you know you should overhaul your motor. Here are some signs to look for:

  • • Knocking sounds – if your engine is making knocking sounds while it’s running, it’s a sign that combustion timing is off.
  • • Black or Blue Exhaust – Look at the color of the exhaust your motor generates. If it’s a deep, dark, color then it’s a sign it’s in trouble.
  • • Lower Fuel Economy – If your engine is giving you fewer miles per gallon, then it’s time for an overhaul.
  • • Poor Oil Pressure – Failing engines can’t disperse oil as well, so you may see indications of poor oil pressure.
  • • White Exhaust – If your exhaust is coming out white, it means that your coolant is burning in your engine cylinders and needs a look.

This is not an exhaustive list. In reality, any time you notice something unusual with your vehicle, take it to a mechanic for a look. The earlier you act, the better your chances are that overhaul motor work can save your engine.

How to Overhaul Motor

How to Overhaul Motor

When you’re seeing the signs that your engine is in trouble, here’s how a professional engine repair service will overhaul the motor. Motor overhauling can be complex and take time depending on the engine type, so make sure you find a reputable company that will deliver the results you need.

The first step in the overhaul motor process is to disassemble the motor. A mechanic will separate the motor from the connected pumps and compressors so they can take a look. Once removed, they’ll likely use a chain block to lift it from the vehicle and place it in an open space where they can work. Then, they’ll take off any nuts, bolts, shims, and any other removable hardware. Finally, rotors will be taken out and then the engine is ready for inspection.

Experienced mechanics can perform a visual inspection on the engine. Motor repair overhaul experience is a huge plus, and a trained eye makes work more thorough and efficient. Mostly, they’ll be looking for things like moisture and dust that may be causing engine damage. A burning smell as the engine is taken apart often indicates damage as well. The shafts will be rotated to check whether the bearings are working as intended, and the ports will be checked to make sure the cooling is ok.

After the inspection, your motor will be cleaned, and any faulty components will be replaced or repaired. A heat lamp can be used to dry the inside of the motor to remove any moisture. During assembly, mechanics will use motor overhaul oil or some other lubricant to improve motor performance. When the motor is completely rebuilt, it will be run through a series of tests to ensure it’s ready to go.

Is Overhauling an Engine Good?

Overhaul motor work is a great option for trucks, cars, and other vehicles when owners want to extend the lifespan of their engines. It’s more affordable than replacing an engine, and sometimes all your motor needs are one or two new parts to work for years and years. On the other hand, if your engine is very old and constantly breaking down, a motor overhaul may not offer the best return on your money. If you’re running into recurring engine problems in your vehicle, ask a mechanic about whether an overhaul is a good idea. You may save a lot of money by fixing your current engine instead of buying a new one.

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