Auto Maintenance Myths

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When it comes to auto maintenance, we’re big fans of owners taking good care of their car, trucks, and SUVs. But there is a lot of conflicting information out there, and it’s hard to know what is fact and what is false.

Let’s take a moment to shed some light on a few myths floating around out there…

Myth: Tires should be inflated to the levels shown on the sidewall.

Truth: Those levels are considered the maximum psi. Don’t use those as a goal, but as exactly what they are: the maximum threshold that the tire can handle. For the proper fill rate, check your owner’s manual or look for the sticker inside the gas cap cover or doorjamb.

Myth: Premium gas will make your car drive faster.

Truth: Sure, we all enjoy a smooth ride in a fast car, but unfortunately, adding premium gas to an engine that calls for regular gas doesn’t magically change the horsepower. A fast car will continue to run fast when given the appropriate octane called for. (This is why owners must use premium gas if the manufacturer recommends it for the vehicle.) While premium gas may include additives that can benefit engines that can take regular gas, it won’t turn your sedan into a sports car. You want a faster engine? We can help you there, but you won’t find what you’re looking for at the pump.

Myth: Oil needs to be replaced every 3,000 miles.

Truth: While regular maintenance is incredibly important to keep your vehicle running smoothly and your engine performing optimally, oil changes should be kept up according to manufacturer recommendations for the vehicle. Many models these days can go beyond 3,000 miles between oil changes, but a lot of it has to do with driving conditions and what kind of oil you’re using. Consider these factors when planning your regular auto maintenance to ensure you’re doing right by your vehicle.

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