Don’t Ignore These Six Smells!

If you are in your car and notice a strange smell, it may worth having it looked into. Certain smells can indicate certain problems with your vehicle and it’s best not to ignore them. If you notice any of the following smells coming from your vehicle, bring it by American Engine near Atlanta to have it checked out.

Syrup: Do you smell something sweet while in your car? It could be wishful thinking. OR your cooling systems may be leaking engine coolant!

Rotten eggs: If you suddenly smell rotten eggs, your immediate reaction may be to think, “Is that, me”? But in reality, your catalytic converter may be to blame—not you. It Is very possible that it is not properly converting hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust to sulfur dioxide.

Burning Carpet: Yikes! This smell could be a result of brake trouble. Take action immediately!

Burnt Rubber: Yuck! Burning rubber is not a pleasant smell and could indicate friction as a loose hose rubs against rotating accessory drive pulleys or a slipped drive belt.

Hot Oil: This smell may be an indication of an oil leak. Turn off your engine and check to see if smoke is coming from the engine or if there is evidence of oil on the pavement.

Gasoline: Uh oh, you might have a gas leak—possibly from a fuel injector or the fuel tank. Given the combustible nature of gas, you definitely should get this checked out.

Don’t hesitate having the source of these smells inspected, you could save yourself trouble in the long run if you act quickly.

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