Engine Rebuilding

An Engine Rebuild

Engine Rebuilding Service

If you are looking for the very best engine rebuilding in Marietta and Atlanta, GA, you came to the right place! American Engine Installations has access to the finest quality factory-remanufactured engines available.

We have been replacing engines for more than 20 years and have several thousand satisfied customers in Marietta and Atlanta, GA. Engine rebuilding is not a small repair, nor should you trust the average mechanic to do the job. A professionally remanufactured engine will provide years of reliable service. Set up a time for a rebuild appointment today by calling (404) 920-4252.

Remanufactured Engine Benefits

Why spend $1,000 on a head gasket repair if the rest of the engine is worn out? It isn’t expensive to replace your engine altogether, and that new engine will provide years of reliable service. You could replace your car with another comparable used car, but that car will have years of wear and many miles on its engine as well. The only way to get a motor with zero mileage is to either buy a new car altogether or replace your engine with a factory-refurbished engine. Replacing an engine typically costs 10% of the cost of buying a new car, and the money you can save from interest, tax, and full coverage insurance alone can easily exceed the cost of an engine replacement.

Our company has been in business for over 20 years and has installed thousands of rebuilt engines in Marietta and Atlanta, GA. Give us a call today at (404) 920-4252 for pricing and more information about engine rebuilding. We look forward to being of service!