Motor Repair

Motor repair is a great way to keep your car or truck in great condition and keep you on the road without incurring the unnecessary and intimidating costs of a brand new car.

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When it comes to a cost effective, reliable solution to your transportation needs, there’s simply no better option than keeping the car you already own in great shape. When you choose us to perform your motor repair you can rest assured that you won’t be settling for a second rate solution just because of a great price tag. We have extensive experience with high quality motor repair, and are absolutely positive that we can get your car into excellent condition with a long lasting, reliable motor no matter what kind of car you drive. Our experienced mechanics can repair all model cars and trucks, foreign or domestic.

There’s no reason to think about taking on the kind of debt that comes with the purchase of a brand new car, especially when you can simply keep driving the car that you know and love for years to come. Motor repair is a great way to bring your aging car back to life and help to ensure all of your transportation needs are met in the most affordable, reliable way possible. No matter what kind of car or truck you have or how serious the problems with your motor are, our expert mechanics are sure to be able to get you back into your car and out on the road faster than you think!

Reliable Motor Service

Great motor repair is something that we’re absolutely passionate about, and we take a lot of pride in helping you to rest easy in the knowledge that your transportation needs can be met in a reliable, long lasting way that’s really affordable. We take top quality repairing your car’s engine very seriously, and back all of our motor overhauling services with an extensive three year, fifty thousand mile warranty so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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We’re completely devoted to ensuring that our customers’ experience is as easy as possible, and are glad to tow your car to our shop free of charge when you decide to install a rebuilt motor! That’s not where our commitment to our customers ends, either. We work hard to maintain the most competitive prices available, and guarantee the we’ll beat any mechanic’s price for the re-manufactured motor that’s right for your car. Whether it’s our guaranteed low prices, our top notch service, or our extensive warranty programs, we’re positive that you’ll be happy you chose us for your motor repair.

  • Three year, fifty thousand mile warranty on all re-manufactured motors
  • Extended warranty programs available
  • Free towing for your rebuilt motor installation
  • Guaranteed competitive prices on motor repair

Being the perfect mechanic for you and your car’s needs takes more than just great prices, excellent workmanship and fantastic warranty programs. It takes a complete devotion to your satisfaction from the beginning to the end of the entire repair process. We do everything that we can to make sure that you’re comfortable and satisfied every step of the way, and we’re sure that you’ll notice. We truly understand the importance of reliable transportation, and take a lot of pride in helping to keep you on the road with dependable and affordable motor repairs. When you’re ready to get your car back into great shape, give us a call!

We offer engine overhauling throughout the Marietta and Atlanta, GA area.