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Timing Belt

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A timing belt, also referred to as a cam belt, is used in combustion engines to control the timing of the engine valves. The timing belt is one of the few belts in the engine that has not yet been successfully replaced by the serpentine belt. Despite the serpentine belt being able to perform many jobs, the timing belt is still a very vital component of an engine. If your timing belt has broken or stopped working and you’re looking for experts in timing belt replacement in Marietta and Atlanta, GA, you can always count on American Engine Installations. Schedule a time to bring your car in by calling 770-428-6440.

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On one end, the timing belt connects to the camshaft, which controls the opening and closing of the engine valves, and on the other side, it connects to the crankshaft. The timing belt may also control the water pump in some makes and models. When the belt breaks or is worn, it can cause serious engine damage. To make sure your engine is performing at optimum levels, trust in the experts at American Engine Installations for timing belt replacement in Marietta and Atlanta, GA. If your vehicle is inoperable, we offer free towing services.

Before timing belts, timing chains were more commonly used. Some cars still use a timing chain, and it essentially performs the same functions as a timing belt. The only difference is that the belt is made from a rubber composite and the chain is made from metal links. Chains have more durability, but belts are quieter and stretch better with the parts. Timing belts started to replace timing chains because of this. Overall, this allows for the design of the car as a whole to be more flexible. The only advantage of a timing chain is that it is more durable, and doesn’t make up for the benefits of the timing belt.

Replace Worn Belts

Every car manufacturer recommends replacing the timing belt after a given time, and it is imperative to take this advice. The time or distance between timing belt replacement depends on the specific make and model of the vehicle, but on average it should be changed every 100,000 miles. A faulty timing belt could cause engine failure.

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