Tips When Cleaning Your Car

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Is there anything better than pulling out of your driveway in a crisp, clean ride? It’s too bad cleaning can seem like such a chore; it doesn’t have to though. It can be cathartic if you really get into it. Here’s some tips for a simple, efficient cleaning job that will have people turning heads when you drive by:


Hands down, the best kind of car wash is a hand wash. Remember to use a car wash solution to preserve your car’s finish (not a dish washing detergent). When water evaporates, it leaves behind minerals; remember to dry your car after washing. Silicon squeegees work great to dry your car fast.

Stubborn Dirt and Residual Wax:

After washing, run your hand across your car. If it feels rough, it probably needs paint cleaner. Acquire this at any local Walmart or auto shop, and follow the directions on the label.


For this you will need an oscillating polish machine. Experts use a rotating polishing machine, but if you use it incorrectly it will scratch off the paint. Follow the directions for your oscillating polish machine and you should be fine. A good polish increases your cars shine significantly.


Waxing coats your car, keeping it clean in the future. It lasts about a few months. Options include paste and liquid wax; use whichever is preferable to you. Remember to apply wax in the shade and only when your car is dry. Generally, you need to apply two coats. First a thin one, then a thicker one. Poly foam wax applicators are the perfect tool for getting this done evenly. Afterwards buff the haze away with a microfiber towel.

Follow these steps and your car will be shiny like new in no time. If you have problems with you engine, give American Engine Installations a call at (404) 381-8940.

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