Does Sleep Deprivation Cause Wrecks?

sleeping half moon

Driving drunk causes many traffic fatalities every year, but other causes of these fatalities exist as well. This includes sleep deprived driving. Most of the effects of sleep deprivation have the same implications of the effects of alcohol. Here, we’ve presented some information about why you should never drive sleep deprived:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 100,000 crashes happen annually due in relation to people driving tired. The US Department of Transportation says that men drive tired at twice the rate of women.

The list of effects of sleep deprivation sound eerily similar to the effects of alcohol: loss of coordination, slower reaction times, impaired/bad judgement, inability to retain information.

Mythbusters actually did an episode about tired driving: “Tipsy vs Tired”. They found that sleep deprivation can be more risky than driving after (minor) drinking.

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