How Does an Engine Start?

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How Does an Engine Start?

Most of us take it for granted that when we turn the key in the ignition, the engine will purr to life. What many don’t know are the hows and whys that the engine starts in the first place. Knowing how your engine works and what the engine parts are doing can be vital to keeping your car well maintained. So, just what is happening when you turn the key?

When you turn the key, a whole lot happens under the hood. Once the key is turned a spark is generated igniting cylinder combustion. The combustion gets the engine started. But there is a lot more happening than that. The key is turned and it switches on the starter motor, turning the crankshaft, and the crankshaft starts the pistons going in the cylinders. All of this sends the engine cycle in motion, as fuel and air are pulled into the cylinders and compressed. This makes the spark plugs fire.

As long as this cycle continues without interruption, your engine keeps running. Anytime something breaks down in this process, your car is going to stop running and you need to get repairs. If you are planning to make the repairs yourself and you need an engine parts supplier in Marietta and Atlanta, GA, you need to look no further than American Engine Installations. We can also help you with engine repair. Find out what parts we can supply you with by calling (404) 920-4252.

What Are the Most Important Parts in a Car?

Your car has tons of parts, most of which operate together to keep the car running. There are some, however, that are essential, and without them your car is just going to sit in the garage looking nice. One of the most important parts your car needs is the battery. Your car isn’t going anywhere without a functioning battery and your lights and electrical system aren’t going to work either. Other essential parts include the axles, the transmission, engine parts like pistons, the brakes, as well as the radiator and the clutch. Almost any part under the hood is essential to the car functioning correctly.

How Do I Identify Engine Parts?

There are more parts under the hood than just the engine. If you take your car in for repairs could you differentiate between engine parts and other parts? How many parts are in a engine? and What are the parts of a car engine? While engines will vary depending on the size, most combustion engines are composed of these parts:

  • Cylinders: This is the core of the engine where the pistons are located. There are either four, eight, or six cylinders arranged either inline, flat, or in a V.
  • Pistons: These cylindrical pieces of metal move in and out of the cylinders to transfer expanding gas.
  • Piston Rings: Create a sliding seal between the piston’s outer edge and cylinder’s inner edge. They prevent the fuel/air mixture as well as exhaust from leaking into the sump and keep oil from the sump from leaking into the combustion space.
  • Spark Plug: This part sends out the spark to ignite the fuel/air mixture for combustion to happen
  • Valves: Both intake and exhaust valves have to open properly at the right time so air and fuel get in and exhaust is let out.
  • Connecting Rod: The part that connects the piston to the crankshaft. It rotates at both ends to follow the movements of the piston and crankshaft.
  • Crankshaft: This part is what makes the pistons go in a circular motion instead of up and down.
  • Sump: Surrounds the crankshaft and contains some oil. The bottom of the sump is the oil pan.

What to Clean Engine Parts With

A clean engine is a smooth-running engine. When you are rebuilding an engine, the engine parts have to be cleaned. Several methods and cleaners can be used. One popular, non-toxic and environmentally friendly method is soda blasting. With this method, you use ordinary baking soda and blasting the surface of the parts with it using either a dry blast cabinet or a vapor blast cabinet. Baking soda is a good medium to use to clean parts because it is water-soluble and you can put in additives to keep it from clumping. Add aluminum oxide to it when more aggressive cleaning is required. Baking soda alone rinses off with just water.

What Engine Parts Can Be Powder Coated

Powder coating parts can help vehicles endure abuses on the road. Any part that can manage an electrostatic charge can handle powder coating. In the engine, the oil pan can be powder coated.

What Engine Parts Can Be Painted

When restoring an engine, you may want to paint some of the engine parts for aesthetic reasons. The main part of the engine you can paint is the engine block. You’ll want to use paint that will hold up to extremely high temperatures.

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If you are restoring or repairing an engine and need engine parts in Marietta and Atlanta, GA, American Engine Installations offers a full range of parts for sale for just about every type of engine. We are your connection for parts, repairs, and replacements. Find out all that we can do for you by calling (404) 920-4252.

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